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Profil Docteur Becquet - Chirurgien du pied - Oignon orteil - Traitement Hallux valgus
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Percutaneous Foot Surgery and Minimally Invasive | Hallux Valgus Treatment (Bunion) | Nice

Fast Track - Rapid recovery after surgery

Locoregional anesthesia

Only one anesthetized limb

Operation in less than 1 hour

Incision of 2mm to 2 cm

At home the same day

Complete patient autonomy

No rehabilitation

Immediate return to walking

Management of foot surgery
Hallux Valgus treatment in 4 steps

The latest figures

Percutaneous and minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery

Percutaneous foot surgery, like other surgical specialties, is constantly taking advantage of the latest technological innovations to enrich itself and progress towards a minimal approach, especially since this surgery has a significant aesthetic component to take into consideration.